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LC1000 D

LC1000 D

Industrial vacuum cleaner specifically designed for cleanroom. The LC1000 D is a vacuum designed on the needs of the main multinational producers of medicine. It is aimed at increasing the safety and the efficiency of the production cycle in the cleanroom, characterized by the presence of very pure air, meaning that there is very low dust inside the microparticles suspension. Cleanrooms are also greatly used in themicroelectronics and in the production of printed circuit boards, processors, etc. The industrial vacuums for clean rooms are essential tools to ensure continuous disinfection of the environments in order to minimize the possibility of contamination of the finished product.



•              Ease of dismantling and maintenance

•              Stainless steel construction

•              Autoclavable (up to 120 °, except for the engine head)

•              Inbound Filters (PTFE) and output (H14) standard

•              Absolute filtration

•              Simple filter change

•              Specific accessories autoclavable